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We Buy-Sell-Trade anything of value

Internet Transaction Safe Zone

Buying and selling online offers great deals to be had but not without an amount of safety concerns. Its risky inviting people you don't know to your home. GoodFinds offers a safe place to do it. Meet your buyer of seller in our store! During normal business hours, Monday thru Friday 9am until 5pm. or in our brightly lit, camera monitored parking lot during off hours.

Use our expertise. We buy and sell every day and we know where to look for problems on many items. We have the means to test a lot of items often not available at other meeting locations. Plus we are highly skilled at looking up an items value to ensure you are receiving the best possible price.

Don't want to deal with strangers? Can't schedule a time to meet that works for both of you? Bring the item into our store with the potential buyers info and they can come buy it at their convenience. For a small commission, we will process the transaction for you and you simply pick up your money when the sales in complete!

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266 Wichman St                    
Walterboro, SC 29488                     


Phone: 843-549-8346                    
Fax: 843-549-8346


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Please send us your ideas and suggestions! All feedback is appreciated.